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Thread: Memberships

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    Should people only be allowed on hunting forums, when they can prove they have joined a group that is defending our sports.

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    That would surely restrict the "OPEN" of "OPEN FORUM"????

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    Difficult one.
    I think its a case of "if you don't support the people who are fighting your corner please don't have the cheek to moan when it goes bottom up!"
    I was asked by my FEO on a recent visit if I had insurance via one of the large groups so that is obviously something they consider.
    And yes,I support 2 of the groups

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    I fully understand you point and I think its down to all of us to push those we shoot with towards supporting one of the organisations, after all why shouldn't they join?

    There is plenty of choice and no one is going to tell me that's its too expensive - it isn't!! Whether is 30, 45, or 66 its such a small amount compared to what we spend on shooting, its not worth bothering about ; just get the card out and join one!

    I can see how new shooters would come onto forums to chat with more experienced shooters abut all aspects of shooting including which organisation should I join, however, lets face it, how many times have such innocent questions lead to 'my clubs better then yours' debates? Yes OK guilty as charged I have been as bad as anyone on this - but I promised myself to turn a new leaf as it were.

    Yes shooters should join an organisation and do their bit, and yes there should be a range of choice - but I don't know how the mods of any forum could police who is and who is not a member of the lord knows how many shooting originations there are out there out there.


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    I know how difficult it would be, but I am amazed how many people who try to book stalking and sg shooting are not members or insured.

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    Should a parent only be allowed to take his kids swimming if hes a member of the sports centre..

    Where does that one end...

    Theres a good few wildlife photographers on here that dont shoot who would be a bit miffed i expect
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    That is shocking frankly, I know full well how rare shooting accidents are, but I also know how devastating they can be, physically, financially and emotionally.

    If someone is only shooting at rifle club or a clay ground, then OK I can understand how they will not only be insured by the club in almost all cases, but will see little threat to what they do.

    However, those who intend to shoot like quarry must be mad not to be member of something.

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    As far as I remember it still a country where folk can debate amoungst each other on various topics. Whether you should be a member of any organisation is a personal choice and shouldn't preclude you from voicing opinions on this or any other site and I for one hope that never happens. We should look forward to having a debate on here with folk that are trying to question our sport, I cant see them winning the debate on here! And that doesn't mean being nasty or rude, just well reasoned and polite is more than adequate.

    As for speaking up for our sport against the many anti's that are out there, thats a different matter. Yes maybe joining an organisation is one way of doing it, but so is spreading the word amoungst work colleagues or anyone that doesn't know much of what we do. Write to the local rag specifically about local matters then you may just get some interest from others either likeminded to your cause or perhaps they've just never heard another side to whats going on around them. I know the big organisations do a lot of work on many fronts but in my village I doubt if anyone hears about it, where as a wee note in the letters to the editor section of my local rag will certainly be seen by folk in my area as its one paper that most locals read thoroughly.

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    wise words indeed, local media is a powerful took I agree!

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    I'm going to stick my neck out and say it should not be compulsory for many reasons but think it is uninforcable.
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