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Thread: Fantastic service..............

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    Fantastic service..............

    I have put this post here because I know more people that should read it will do,I recently bought a Zeiss 6-24x56 illuminated scope,and,I have been very happy with it,but,while I was out with Foxdropper a couple of weeks ago i noticed what I can only describe as a hair on the left hand reticle bar.This hair was totally invisible while it was used in daylight,and,even at night if the illumination was kept down low,but,if it was turned up a bit,the hair seemed to throw light back into my eye,thus making it harder to see the target.I had bought it from Uttings so I rang them,and,asked them what to do,and was told to send it back and they would have a look at it,and,see if they could do something or if not they would send it back to Zeiss,and,that it would take a while because they would have to send it to Germany,oh,and i would have to be without a scope in the meantime.I wasn't very happy with that answer,so,I rang Zeiss UK and told them my problem,the chap asked if I was going to the Midland,and,I said yes I was and we agreed to meet up on their stand.He looked through the scope and immediately said,no problem Sir,I will send one out as soon as I get back to the office,which he did,it arrived Wednesday morning,and,that is what I call service.
    I am always the first one to slag off a company for bad practice,but,I will always give a round of applause for a very decent company,and,I would definitely use them again.

    By the way,I have just sent a letter to 'Lightforce' about their lamps, this space!!


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    Good result on the scope mate.
    What`s the story with the lamp??

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    I have had a reply already...............

    Hello Martin,
    It is always good to get feedback from our customers. We are looking into the heat issue and i have forwarded your email on to our research and development team. We are always looking at ways we can improve our lights.If you let me know what country you are in i can give you the contact details of our distributor who will be able to help you with your parts.

    Ged Mc Cormack
    Customer Service Representative
    28 Orsmond Street
    Hindmarsh, SA 5007
    Tel: 08 8440 0841
    Fax: 08 8346 0504

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    I always make a fuss if something is wrong so many friends say oh no leave it no way if you have paid for something you are entitled to get something of good merchantable quality.
    So many sloppy outfits today it's great to see that a good old fashioned sense of customer service still exists at Zeiss.
    I have a Zeiss Conquest bloody brilliant scope imported it from States, got it for next to nothing less than a Nikko over here, really pleased for you and a good result.
    Well done for not taking it of Uttings and shame on them for not doing what you did.

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