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    Thumbs up Excellent service recieved


    What can I say..... best service I have received...... Handed in FAC on Tuesday morning 4/6/13 for variation..... received back this morning 7/6/13 first post. All variations granted....... EXCELLENT SERVICE. Long may it continue.......


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    And yet it took them over 2 weeks to return a 1 for 1 variation for a moderator , it must depend on the person processing your application
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    A lad I go out shooting with phoned Glasgow about a vareation for increasing his amo.
    The person he got on the phone asked him what he wanted it for, home loading he said & that he was coming up the next day to hand in the paperwork.
    She gave him her name & to ask for here when he got there.
    He did & was handed a new cert there & then.
    Must be the quickest vareation on record.

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