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Thread: Compulsory Insurance

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    Compulsory Insurance

    Do we think insurance should be compulsory condition of an FAC/SGC, if not for your benefit then that of others at least like third party on a car, to protect others.
    IMHO I think it should be and is a responsible attitude to gun ownership/use as the safest of shots can ricochet

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    Interesting - it's a shame and frankly amazing that people don't voluntarily do it. Not a bad idea, and there are many other recreations, such as mountain climbing and skiing, that often insist on insurance before you can get on the mountain in case of the need to med-evac.
    I'd say it should be x2

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    Yes most certainly.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    A definite no to compulsory , but i think that anyone not insured is taking a big risk and would not be uninsured myself , i just don't agree with compulsory .

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    Interesting as this is coming up in the US as a way of putting the thumb screws to the gun owners. They will make the rates so high that only the very wealthy can afford it: Gun control by a different path. Be careful what you wish for....~Muir

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    i'm amazed that it's not been made compulsory already the government seem to want to control every aspect of life in the uk and have folk papered up with this and that for nearly everything else lol
    a barony original

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    Would you be able to build up a No Claims Bonus?

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    Think of this, would you feel the same if a ricochet from an uninsured gun hit & paralysed a young child, because then it would be too late & shooting would be crucified by the press again? Not to mention the child and his needs for the rest of his life and while there are some out there who don't give a **** those of us who are responsible should seek to prevent this ever happening, if nessasary by legislation.
    All hypothetical I know but prevention is better than cure.

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    I agree that the uninsured shooter is taking a massive risk, the thing is he/ she is taking the risk with other people's live and livelihood. If, as asked before, a ricochet hits someone most of us would go bankrupt if we were sued for the costs of lifelong care - end of, but that wouldn't help the innocent person or their family. As far as I am concerned, insurance is already compulsory. And I am sure this may upset some people, but anyone who carries out any shooting activity without full insurance cover is, in my opinion, too stupid to have access to firearms.
    .308, because if I want to watch something run away, I'll take my dog for a walk.

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