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Thread: clearing some reloading gear

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    clearing some reloading gear

    Hi Guys

    got a 3 die set of Lee .243 reloading dies in perfect condition only think they've been put in the press but never been used looking for 28.00 posted sold 4foxache

    Lee auto prime hand priming tool with both large and small trays, pins and springs still in their original box looking for 15.00 posted sold patjack

    Lee Perfect powder measure with stand hardly used comes in original box 20.00 posted

    Lee Autodisc powder measure system for use with through die charging comes with the micrometer adjustable charger (no need to change the discs to change powder measure) 30.00 posted

    Lee Reloader press almost like brand new in original box looking for 25.00 posted

    Lee single stage 'O' press like new hardly been used think it might been an anniversary press looking for 45.00 posted


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    I will take the lee auto hand primer tool Thanks
    PM me how you want paying please.

    Lee I have payed for the item so just letme know that you have received payment and when you are likely to post it please.
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    .243 dies please.

    Is Bank transfer ok?
    Pm me re payment please.

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    Hi il take the reloader press if still available and if bank transfer ok PM me with details thanx bazil

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    If the 'O' press is still available, I'd take it. Can you PM me re payment details. Paypal?

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    payment made.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Payment made reloading press cheers lee with thanx bazil

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    Pm sent re:powder measure

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    The Lee hand auto prime arrived today. Its Brand new perfect ManyThanks.

    Hope your situation is getting better and it sorts it self out ASAP.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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