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    dumb question

    how do i post photos . I have tryed and cant seem to find a way.... please help I am afraid i need a step to step.
    Many thanks : McStalk

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    How to upload photos
    Perhaps the easiest way to display your photos , is to open an account with Photobucket. Here’s your step by step guide.

    1. Save your photos on your computer
    2. Log onto
    3. Click ‘Join Now’
    4. Go through process of joining, it’s all FREE. You’ll have to remember your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
    5. When you’re logged on your can upload pictures to your Photobucket album, but remember to resize them first to do this click on (options)max image size, scroll down to large 640x480 click on that then click on save
    6. now you are ready to upload, by pressing ‘Browse’ and finding the picture from your computer.
    7. Then click ‘Upload’.
    8. When the photo you want to enter ,is uploaded to Photobucket it will appear in your album, left click with your mouse on the IMG Code underneath the photo. The code should go blue. Right click the mouse and copy this code.
    9. Return to the site in question, click on reply, paste this code onto the page and give us a few words telling us more about your photo.
    10. Job done!

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    thanks stone ... that did the job ..
    put a few pics on the "deer in general post"
    they are not very profesional but i think you can make them out...

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