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Thread: Gaiter reviews needed

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    Gaiter reviews needed

    Looking for any views on, preferably front zip Gaiters that are fairly waterproof as the they will be going through bogs and also tough enough for heather at the Grouse. (Boots are Le Chameau Mouflon Plus)

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    Gaiter reviews needed

    Go on then, you supply them and I will review them for you.
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    The only waterproof ones I know of are the Berghaus Yeti gaiters. They fit to the boot so not sure how they would work with your boots.
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    I've destroyed a few expensive ones and to be honest i now have some army surplus ones £10 off eBay!

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    Not sure about front zips as that's the first point of failure, and they should really be at the back

    +1 for surplus off eBay!

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    Get the Kammo ones if you can - I've had mine years and they've been excellent.

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    Thank you for the replies, the Kammo ones do look like what I'm after

    Cheers Salmo

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    Kammo gaiters are great Al . Mine are probably five years old now and still going strong and you know some of the ground they are used on.

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    Army surplus off ebay for me as well, never had any trouble with them.

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    I've used le chameau koktors for the past five years picking up, can't fault them... And I'm not the sort that picks up in the short grass fifty yards behind the gun line....

    regards, Jez
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