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Thread: Hello from Belgium

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    Hello from Belgium

    Hello to everybody

    I discover this website while trying to know more about deer stalking in Scotland and England.

    I live in Belgium where I got my first hunting permit in 1979 (at that time there were only theory exams dealing with regulation, knowledge of game, firearms, ...).

    With job pressure, family, ..., I did not hunt too much till few years ago. I have now more time, but since I am 55 years old, I have also realized I am in a hurry and I would llike to enjoy hunting 72 hours per day (while I am still able to walk, hike, ...).

    I use to hunt pheasants, rabbits, ... but my main pleasure is hunting wild boars and deers.

    There are more and more wild boars (even in my garden) so I have many opportunities to enjoy high seat huntings close to my home.

    By deer hunting, I mean roe deer which is pretty much common in my area but I use to go very often in the Ardenna, where Roe deer is also pretty common. Most of the time, we hunt in a driven mode. In May and August, we can also wait on high seats for bucks.

    I never had the chance to shoot at a Red Deer (I have had red deers twice in my riflescope but it was too big to be shot or the first time - 7 points while only 4 points at most was then allowed - and on another time, the deer went out for my neighbour).

    I have a 7.64 mm and a .300 WM bolt-action rifles, respectively fitted with a 3-8x40mm and a Leupold 3.5-10x40mm riflescopes. I have also a .30R Blaser express rifle equipped with a Schmidt & Bender Zenith 1.1-4x24mm riflescope to be used during driven parties. I have three calibre 12 shotguns, a .22 rifle, ... (by the way, I am currently employed by a company making rifles, but I am not working in the hunting department).

    Three of my friends and I would like to go and stalk in Scotland and / or England. Top priority would be Red deers, but we would also welcome as a side part: sika, roe, ... deers. I surely would appreciate to have your advices, your recommendations, your tips, ... and - why not - your proposals.

    Sorry for being so long .... and please be indulgent with my English that will not be as good as yours !

    Enjoy your next hunting / stalking party !


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    Bof, welcome to the SD. That's a good introduction and don't worry about your English- it's certainly better than my Belgian!!
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Downwind, thanks for your kind welcome.
    I guess I might have also add that my mother tongue is french, but it does not really matter when we have to talk with a deer .

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    Goedemiddag , blij dat er toch nog een Belg op het forum aanwezig is . Kom zelf uit de Kempen , ben jager in hart en nieren en in het bezit van een BGS en HS zweethond. Jaag bij vrienden in gans Europa die een zelfde passie delen ;
    Vriendelijke groeten ;

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