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Thread: stock alterations

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    stock alterations

    It would appear that my rifle sits slightly more to 1 side in the stock that the other
    Now I have been thinking of sanding it down inside the channel of the stock just to make sure that it does not touch the barrel at all, all I'd be looking to do is sand a bit out to make it a tiny bit wider.

    Would this be a fairly easy job ? Would I need to refinish the stock ?
    If so would I need to re-do the whole stock or just that bit ?

    Rifle is a CZ 550 243, cheers

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    Before sanding the channel out, which is a fairly simple job, make sure the bedding around the recoil lug is ok, as that is all that holds it in a central position.
    No need to re-finish the stock, just seal the sanded bit with something suitable.


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    Its very easy to do, get a length of dowel the diameter you require and use progressively finer sand paper, remember you can always take more wood off but you can't put it back on, check your progress regularly, give a a coat of danish oil when you've finished to seal the grain

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    How do I check the recoil Lug mate ?
    Cheers for the replies guys

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    you could just try tightening the stock screw a bit at a time!
    As you tighten down keep checking the barrel in the stock to make sure it is centred!

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    Cheers mate, might be what it is. As when I got it , it was pretty centre'd ... the barrel is still free floating but a bit tight so wanted to maybe give it a little more space

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    a lot of the CZ stocks will warp slightly over time. As Sim says, tighten/install BA via action screws correctly, if it really is warping, sand a bit out evenly to get a bit more room 'just to be sure' it doesn't touch, then seal with a wood sealer, BLO, danish oil, tru oil, etc.

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    had a few off centre actions but as long as not touching it was not an issue

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    there are loads of vids on youtube on altering the stock to make the gun sit better may be worth a look. most seem to say bed the stock so all the action is supported

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