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    Bore guide

    Help please, I have a sako 85 in 308 and a CZ527 in 223. Is there a bore guide that will it them as I am struggling to find one.



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    Possum Hollow #42 will fit the Sako 85 308. We've only the #42i in at present ( with integral solvent port ).

    #94 is the listed model for the CZ 527 in 223. Havent got those - but Reloading Solutions likely will have. #66 may fit - but not certain ( we have those ). If you are still struggling to get sorted let me know - I have a client out stalking with a 223 CZ527 on Tuesday evening and can check if needed.

    Hope you get sorted.

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    Have you had a look at the link here from stratts? Home made jobber which i've copied and works fine for my needs. Quick and easy to do if you're having trouble.

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    Thanks guys, will see if 15 push fit will fit into action think may not. Will ring reloading solutions on Monday if no joy will give you a shout .

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    Not the cheapest but very good!
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    +1 for Shed products, quality engineering.
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