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Thread: Seating depth

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    Seating depth

    Hi All,

    I was looking through some old targets last night and noticed that some of my smallest groups were shot with bullets seated quite a long way off the lands.
    I wondered if this was normal? to be honest these days i normally just stick them in the case untill they are just off the lands and change the powder charge untill they are sub1". I'm stuck at work at the moment waiting for a gearbox to arrive from Belgium, if it arrives and goes on ok i'm off to have a play with seating depths.
    Can anyone recomend a good OAL gauge?


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    Stoney point with comparators, very useful & pretty reasonably priced, available from Midway uk I think? 8)

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    I used the Stoney point set for years,but found there is a knack to using it,i could Tap in 10 bullets and get several different readings.
    On the advice of a friend i tried the SPLIT CASE NECK method which will give me the same measurment almost every time,however this method gives you the measurment of a JAM FIT so as with all realoading use cautiuosly....
    Hope this helps


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    There is no rule that says the most accurate loads come with the bullets seated just off the lands. With a hunting rifle I start at magazine length and work inward. When I was learning to reload, OAL wasn't as big a concern as seating depth. Loads were usually listed as having the bullet seated to some fraction of an inch into the case neck. ~Muir

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    I have just started reloading under the watchfull eye of someone who has been reloading for many, many years.

    He did a dummy load and jam fitted it to find the COAL on the landing. He found this to be on a Sako 75 .243 was 2732 (imperial)

    we loaded up text book 243 loads as per Vhit at COAL 2650. fired 4 rounds 2" group.

    We then loaded up "landing" rounds and took 5 thou off, giving me a round COAL of 2727. 45gr of vhit on Hornady 100gr BTSP.

    Fired 5 rounds -1" group. 2 rounds touching and 1 between the two groups.

    So in my case the COAL was important. But every rifle is different, and every rifle has a different bullet jump. It just so happened that mine was spot on with 2727.


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    bullet seating

    I tryed to load rounds for my 6.5 swe to 25 thou off the lands got them exact and then theywould not go in the magazine they were too long so I shortened then until they were 25 thou shorter than the mag it now shoots less than 10mm groups does that count

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