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Thread: Travelling through Europe with a firearm?

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    Travelling through Europe with a firearm?

    I hope someone here will be able to offer some advice re driving through Europe with a firearm.
    I will be driving from the UK to Sweden a couple of times a year now & am hoping to do some bird hunting whilst I'm there (I have to drive as I'll be taking my dog as well). My question is this, with my shotgun cert (I'll only be taking a shotgun) & a European Firearms Pass will I be able to travel freely in Europe when I have declared my shotgun in Holland as I get off the ferry or will I have to seek out Customs & declare my shotgun at each border I cross?
    I know a number of members here travel to & across Europe to hunt & may be able to offer their valuable advice to an armchair stalker (& very infrequent poster)!

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    When you get to the Sweden you will need a Swedish gun licence for your shotgun . Apply to the Swedish police at your point of entery. You need to send a copy of your FAC-SGC-EFP plus letter of invite. Look up the details on google it and get a translation. I just quickly read the page and i think you can get a licence for up to a year.
    If you live in another of the nordic countrys you can bring a weapon into Sweden with just a EFP and do the rest over the computer.

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