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Thread: Sako Optilock Ringmounts

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    Sako Optilock Ringmounts

    I have for sale a set of sako optilock (low) ring mounts, these are blued and in very good condition, they are suitable for a sako 75/85 and would be suitable for a scope up to a 42mm objective, the mounts have the integral base fitting machined into them and as such are very convenient and lightweight. these also have the optilock plastic ring inserts to avoid scratching your scope.
    These are 25 mm .

    Price is 65 plus 3 delivery.

    Please PM me if you are interested.

    Many thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by 20-250 View Post
    Inch or 30mm?
    Sorry, these are 25mm- ad now amended.

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