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Thread: Importing from America

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    Importing from America

    I have a friend who has offered to help me source all my reloading kit from seondhand sites in America. He is an American police officer and avid hunter/reloader.

    I obviously dont want to get him or me into any trouble.

    Are there any restrictions on what he can send me through the post.

    I understand nything explosive is an absolute NO NO.

    What about the rest of the stuff, like brass or even expanding bullet heads (tricky area)etc.



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    you can have sent to you any item that is not on the restricted list,which can be viewed on the US state dept website.
    If it is on the restricted list, then whoever that lives in the US will have to apply for a DSP85 or 83 end user certificate.

    If it is a personal import that is not restricted then it can be sent USPS.


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    Hi griff, i looked but cant seem to find it, do you know the direct link to it, was thinking of trying to get some heads sent over.

    Cheers Gavin

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    there was a thread about importing scopes it had the link on it!


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