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    Top high seat

    I went out for a stalk this morning and decided to go sit in a seat that I hadn't be in this year so far, I got into the seat for 4.50 it was going to be a roaster today not a cloud in the sky so things looked promising . After only 15 minutes I saw a buck walking the woods edge sniffing the ground and walking at a rapid pace , he was walking across the wood in front of me some 80 yds off moving from left to right I quickly picked my spot I was going to stop him in he came trotting along and with a bark he stopped it the spot I had picked and dropped to a 139 grain bullet a nice buck and well worth getting up at 4am for rgds remmy.

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    well done

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    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Nice buck, always nice to get a result for all the early mornings!!

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    Thank you wild boar 1973.

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    Nice one pal some kind of productive land you have there fella no wonder jimmys looking for a house on your street

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