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Thread: Long time watcher first time poster!!

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    Long time watcher first time poster!!

    Hi there every one,

    Been looking at the site for a few weeks now and finally decided to pluck up the courage and dive in and sign up...

    About me I have recently moved down to Bristol from the North West and I thought this site might be a great way to meet local like minded stalkers and deer managers as i currently don't know that many people in this neck of the woods.

    Grew up on a farm in Cheshire and have shot since the age of 8 moving on from Air Rifles to Shot guns and (then the proper Stuff) Rifles!! Been stalking for about 9 Years and it is my passion.

    Stalked most species and parts of the country but still not bagged a Sika buck/ Doe or CWD other than that i have Shot Fallow / Roe / Red and Munties.

    I don't hold any DSC certs but I do have a lot of very good refrences. I was taught to stalk under the tutilage of a Very Good friend and Head Keeper in Sussex where i used to work. With over 40 years experience of managing deer, if i got it wrong then, then trust me i knew about it with a thick ear!! Therefore my knowledge is born entirely from hard won experince on the ground... i spent most of my life out doors in those first three years of working in Sussex, stalking ever hour available!!

    I am not that bothered by Trophies.... i've got my lot on the wall and i'm pretty happy with them... although there could be room for a Sika Buck should the oppertunity present its self. I just like being out and about managing and watching the stock on the ground.

    I have only one rifle a Sauer 202 .243 with a T8 and a Swarovski on top, its always served me well and never had any problems bringing down cleanly what i point it at.

    I hope to try and join a syndicate some where near bristol either South Glous or North Wiltshire or any where within about 30-40 mins of Bristol so if you need any help let me know.



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    Welcome to the site looks like you where taught the old way (nothing wrong with that, best way to learn) and its good to have you on the site.

    I am sure you will find like minded folk on here who are near you and get to catch up for a chat and maybe an invite to stalk. Look forward to your posts.



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    hi, did u find anywhere?

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    Welcome PDE DEE, Whereabouts in Cheshire did you hail from?, Steve, in Chester.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    look at the date girls havnt been on here for a 12 month

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