View Poll Results: Will a Bloodhound/Tracking-Service be accepted and work out in the UK?

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  • Yes, of course, its a need. We should have established this service already!

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  • Maybe yes, if the trackers get the acception through everybody out for stalking

    4 21.05%
  • No way, never ever, too many no's and no go's....

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Thread: Will a Bloodhound /Tracking Service be accepted and work out in the UK?

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    Will a Bloodhound /Tracking Service be accepted and work out in the UK?

    Hi All!
    As you may have read on here, right now a few lads from the directory are working on establishing a kind of bloodhound / tracking service network over the UK, maybe a bit similar to our system here in Germany.....
    After discussing it with several stalkers and dog houlders, I am really not sure, if something like this will work out.
    The circumstances, laws, rules and after all the attitude of stalkers are so different...
    I thought, it may be interesting, what you think about it. That may give us an idea, if its worth all the efforts, or if all the efforts are made "just" for the welfare of wounded deer....
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    I think it would be fantastic if it does, however there is some significant legislative obstacles to overcome.

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    The trouble we have in this country is the whole "trespass with a firearm" law. You wouldn't be able to track a deer over the boundary of any land you had permission to be on.

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    You and I spoke about this and I'm still of the opinion that it just wont work.
    Legislatively it would be a nightmare and people just arent keen to let others know what they stalking ground they have.
    Additionally too many people are full of BS (in the UK stalking world) and having heard another horror story from a friend yesterday I just wouldnt trust people I didnt know to do it!

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    Sadly, there is not a chance of this working at anything over a local level, too many issues, some relevant, some totally irrelevant.

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