Today I just found the time to upload some videos on youtube:

The first one is about my young bloodhound lady "Alba". I did a pretty long track with scent shoes for her. She performed well after 34 hours.... She was very proud and carried one of the scent shoes with the red deer clawall the way back to the car:

The second one is a clip from one of the larger driven hunts from last winter. It shows the final ceremony and horn signals after a pretty successful day:

The third clip is from yesterday. We were invited to visit the hunting ground and forests in Bad Berleburg, owned by the Prince of Wittgenstein (maybe you have seen the video about the stags of this area). I can tell you, hard to believe it was a open forest and not a zoo or deer park. We spotted uncountable numbers of reds, mufflon and as you see here, boars:

Enjoy it!