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Thread: New Member fro Carlisle

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    New Member fro Carlisle

    Hello, my name is Jens and I am a new member from Carlisle.

    I hold the dsc1 and an "open" FAC for 8x57IS and .22rf. I reload and also collect Swiss and German military rifles. I am rather obsessed with the Schmidt Rubin model 89 rifle.
    My 3y old springer spaniel Meg is my best friend and companion. Never forget the saying "The more people I know the more I like my dog" its true!


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    hi jens
    good to see you found this site!
    I hope that you did not mind me posting your web site on here?


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    Hello Bob, the answer is of course that I donít mind at all!
    The Naturepark UK project has literally just hutched and the feed back so far has already valuably improved my site. Whilst I just don't have the time to engage in deep seated discussions I certainly need feed back since I put my heart into the project and am determined to make it work!
    In that many thanks for mentioning it here.
    PS: You should really join us on the clay days, always rather leisurely and a lot of fun-especially since it means avoiding certain rather small minded individuals...

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