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Thread: Howa 1500 .223 Laminated

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    I sampled both in the shop and went for the 20'' blued fluted barrel. I prefered the shorter barrel as I was putting a T8 moderator on it so it still ended up quite long. I also thought that the blued barrel looked a lot better than the stainless one and I also went for the black stock. In my opinion it is a lovely looking rifle. It did add a bit of weight by the time the moderator, scope and bipod were coupled with the fluted barrel but it is still not bad.

    Mine fires 100 grain RWS or Federal power shock rounds exactly the same achieving sub 0.5'' groups no problem. That is the rifle straight out the box no modifications at all, just zeroed the scope.

    I can't fault it for the money.

    Good luck with what ever you opt for.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my Howa 1500 lightening (light barrel) in .223, its a brilliant fox (and scottish roe) basher; I bought it when money was tight a few years ago but for the money its been absolutely cracking! Like some of the other guys have said, the trigger is far too heavy out of the box but I adjusted mine myself (its really easy to do) it now is very light and crisp.

    The synthetic stocks are brilliant, they are over-moulded which makes them very comfortable. They have a rubberised finish which makes them very grippy in wet conditions and the stock is very hard to scratch or mark because of the rubber.

    Mine "was" the stainless finish but I it sprayed because the barrel shone like a piece of tin foil when out foxing on the hill, I've also got the magazine conversion kit which converts it into a detachable 10 shot.

    My particular rifle shoots Sako 55gr the best at 1/4" but Winchester 55gr, Sako 50gr and Federal 40gr all shoot sub 1" groups.

    Overall its a great rifle for the money!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Labrat View Post
    Have been looking at a Howa 1500 in .243 today, seems lovely for the price.

    Thing I can't decide on is what barrel to put on there, so many choices

    Is there a real advantage to the fluted ones?
    practicality is screaming stainless to me...

    I can either go for a blued 20" fluted sporter weight, or a 22" non blued Stainless sporter barrel, I just can't decide between the two!

    For reference, I'm planning to build up with wildcat mod, standard green hogue stock, bipod and I'll be putting my swaro 6x42 on top

    if they did a fluted stainless then I wouldn't hesitate, but if anyone has experience of the blued fluted 20", I'd love to hear it

    cheers in advance.
    Have a look at the Bell & Carlson synthetic stock for the Howa , a far better stock than the Hogue imo.

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    watch the twist rate, they are 1 in 12 good for varmint shooting but not with heavier rounds for long range target work

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    Thanks for the pointers - Think I'll go for the fluted one - I can always get a fancy stock in the future when I've got some spare cash


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