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Thread: Yukon photon

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    Yukon photon

    Anybody got one yet ? Are they even in the country ?

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    I was told about these nv scopes end of last year, soon as i saw Scott Country where going to show them i contacted them, took chance going down to see it and was shown the one that was being used for display but without dark tunnel up i was taken outdoors into shaded area where new premises are being built and i was pleasantly surprised how clear the image was but within the constraints of distance n darkness available i asked if there was any footage and from what i can remember he mentioned about no definate date of orders coming in and as units he was supposed to get where already accounted for, he did not want to put footage on to you tube etc as it would create more questions when he could not get dates to sort demand and supply.The price they are selling at would probably be worth waiting for BUT i would honestly like to see for myself what it's like in the field before i place my money on the table for one.

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    no none yet we all still waiting, i rang SC last week still a no show on scopes and no info on them as to when

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