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Thread: A-Tec Maxim muzzle wear

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    A-Tec Maxim muzzle wear

    Hi, I had my 308W cut to 20" recrowned and threaded for a moderator. I chose the Maxim because I wanted a durable but lightweight moderator. However after approx 100 shots the muzzle looks like this.

    There is no bullet strike but there seems to be gas erosion on one side of the exit hole.
    Anyone have any ideas why and if it's anything to worry about. Accuracy is fine, so I most probably plan to monitor the situation and see how it goes. When the moderator is attached to the bore I always look through the barrel to check that everything is aligned.

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    Mine doesn't look like that and its had maybe 400 rounds through it, are you sure its aligned right? weird how its just one side...

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    Not seen that before - as you describe it - ie no bullet strike.

    If performance unaltered then not too much to worry about - but rather than get a dozen or so views from here, I'd give Jackson Rifles a call direct and see what they say.

    ​Let us know how you get on.
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    that looks like slight bullet clip to me

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