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Thread: Burris fourx 4-12x56 or zeiss duralyt ?

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    Talking Burris fourx 4-12x56 or zeiss duralyt ?

    As above either a burris or zeiss duralyt ?

    Both same mag etc

    being used for stalking and range

    anyone tried both ?


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    zeiss easy choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Anyone using a Burris

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    i am using a burris fulfield and have done for 4 years now on my 270 and love it even in dark foxing i have not used the 4x though i also use zeiss bins like both Its up to you really ,atb wayne
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    Buy a Burris and use the remaining funds on actual stalking.

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    I have a Burris eliminator on my 308 and I took it out the cabinet tonight and shot 2, 6 point roe bucks an old mature buck going back 40 lbs clean and a youngster that had been causing an awful lot of damage to the trees.

    The reason I mention this is because the deer didn't know that I didn't take the Swarovski scope out of the cabinet tonight!. I find that I use the burris more in the summer as it is poor in low light conditions. They are quality scopes but if you have the money and only have one rifle go for the Zeiss, you won't be disappointed. But if you can't afford that much the Burris will serve you well.

    I started out with a bushnell and that rifle lasted me a few years and accounted for 4 species of deer.

    Good luck.

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    Zeiss !
    Im going to get one for my .308 and put the S&B on the .303.

    I think I need to collect some spares or something from up your way soon

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