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Thread: Snowy Egret

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    Snowy Egret

    Does anyone know where I might be able to observe snowy egrets
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    For what purpose?
    We shoot an area in Glos and the water meadow is full of them..

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    America......... Any particular reason? Or do you mean little egret, not snowy?
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    Snowy Egret is very rare in the British Isles - Little Egret isn't any more - it used to be considered a British rarity about 30 years ago

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    There you go Tony .. will this do?
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    I knew you guys would come through and yes it is the little egret I mean.
    We actually have lots of these now on the marsh and at Martin mere, I just wanted to see what the response would be here compared to the post about the chap asking for information about spotting scopes put to the birding community..... Just shows what a helpful bunch us shooters are
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Little egrets seemed to come from nowhere about 17 years ago around here.
    One day I had never seen one, and the next there were a couple on the salt marsh outside the entrance to our lakes.
    A few weeks after that they were an everyday sight there, and within a month were regularly seen at a couple of other
    placers locally, funnily enough though always on salt marsh, never around the lakes or the fresh water marsh close by.
    Anyone know why that would be, Herons are regularly seen in the same places as the little Egrets, but also, on the lakes and fresh marsh.


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    Little egrets a-plenty and European Cranes in North Bedfordshire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyefor View Post
    Little egrets a-plenty and European Cranes in North Bedfordshire.
    These have been successfully breeding less than a couple of miles from where I live, regularly see them flying over the house and mooching around in the surrounding fields they are bloomin massive seen little egrets in the area too.

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    See more egrets than herons down here now,did see my first ever quail the other day,that was nice as it was on our game shoot.

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