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    Hi all, new here and new to deer so time to flood myself with info

    Like many, I started out with air rifles at an early age (8 I think), stuck with them for about 10yrs before getting a .22lr - at the time, I was heavily into target shooting and (unusual for me to boast) was pretty good at it. I went on to shotguns and a .22lr rabbit gun, then the .17HMR. A total of 22 years shooting and 12 with firearms albeit rimfire.

    Sorry to start on a question but here goes;

    I've recently applied for a .22-250 for foxes and it's all going through ok according to the f.l.o - obviously, the landowner knows about my new rifle and he's now asked that I shoot a couple of the deer that frequent his land - I've seen muntjack, but I've also seen Roe so the next idea's to ring the firearms people and ask them to change the calibre to .243 - think they'll be ok with that? Anything I can do or say that might help? I've got deer conditioned on my certificate so that's not a problem

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    Welcome to the site,

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