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    Punctured Primer

    Hi All,

    Before I start, I know you get what you pay for. However on my last buy I picked up a load of Prvi Partizan 22.250 based purely on price.

    While it has worked as advertised, ie I pull the trigger it goes bang and a hole appears where it is supposed to at the other end, with sub 1" groups, about 2/3 of the rounds have punctured primers when they're ejected and after my last range session the action was what can best be described as sooty inside.

    I've attached a photo below, but what I really want to know is is it safe to continue? and while I've never had this issue before using Federal rounds does the problem lie with my rifle or is it just that Prvi use primers that are softer than some others?

    As always many thanks in advance,


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    I have heard of primers rupturing in PRVI in the dim and distant.

    I am curious - does a fired case fit the chamber easily? if so, this would imply the absence of excessive pressure.

    The above might suggest loose primer pockets or dodgy primers.

    As to safety - it would appear that if there is any excess pressure it is being handled by the ruptured primer and by the case not expanding fully on firing - hence your sooty action.

    This is only my opinion - others will weigh in!

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    Have you looked at the condition or the end or your firing pin?

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    I've fired/seen fired thousands of PPU rounds, thats the first punctured primer I've seen ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Have you looked at the condition or the end or your firing pin?
    The firing pin looks fine to me, next time out I'll take some Federal with me to see how that goes.

    Cheers Guys,


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    Personally I'd try new ammo see if the problem is still there (in a very careful and controlled manner) if its not present on different ammo I'd scrap the lot. Don't risk it for what 10. You don't want a face full of gasses mate....

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