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Thread: Venison & squirrel peanut Satay sticks

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    Venison & squirrel peanut Satay sticks

    How do chaps and chappetes??

    I think I discovered a little gem at the weekend!! I shot some squirrels at my mums house and didn't want to waste them so had a troll through the usual cook books. After much fruitless searching I decided to go for it DIY style.
    I marinated the diced Veni shoulder and squirrel in a strange mix of chilies and crunchy peanut butter (pretty much what was roaming around in the fridge) obviously you don't have to add the chilies if you don't like them!! They lay for 24hrs. After being well and truly flavored I put them on sticks alternating Veni & nut muncher and fired them on the BBQ. Its really easy and takes no effort, perfect for BBQ season!!

    TOTAL winner I got mega brownie points from the misses and all our mates loved it. What a great way to get your own back on the little buggers that keep eating my mams bird feeding lol

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    Good effort. Every squirrel that I shoot gets the satay treatment.

    It's a good way to introduce people to eating squirrel and I too love the irony of a nutty ending for the little sods. A little garlic, ginger, soy sauce, brown sauce and lime juice. Must try it with venison too.

    Keep knocking 'em over.

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