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Thread: 85 gr sierra gameking

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    85 gr sierra gameking

    has anybody used these any info would be welcomed

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    I have used 85gn Sierra Game Kings pushed by 40gns of Hogdon H380, Federal Mag primer from a 20" barrelled .243 Remy and accounted for lots of Roe over the years.
    My usual round is the Hornady 87gn Hpt Bt but whenever that was not available the Sierra 85 Game king was second best

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    85 grain sierra gameking

    what loads are you using for the 87 gr hornady thanx

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    I use exactly the same charge for 87 HptBt and 85gn Spt.
    They are true to aim and effective out to two hundred yards.
    I may have used them further but cannot remember any particular time as most of my shooting is done about 75 -150 yards with the odd occasion at 200.

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    85 gr sierra gameking

    what loads are you using thanx

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    i use this bullet as my all rounder for deer fox & varmints , its a very accruate bullet and produces the goods. my last three fallow bucks (60-80lbs dressed) were taken with this bullet at 140-150m

    all the recovered bullets seperated from the core and none exited the deer the recoverd bullets were 30-38% of original weight, thats the down side . the up side of this bullet is it does put the deer down quick, two went down to the shot and the third took 5 steps.

    i have gotten better performance from this bullet than the 100gr gameking but its marginal . my loads for this bullet are
    1/ Rem 9 1/2 primer rem/win brass 38gr Varget
    2/ Rem 9 1/2 primer rem/win brass 48gr RL19

    both loads give the same performance and POI ,Varget works out a cheaper load to make .

    hope this helps.....neil

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