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Thread: belt stuff

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    belt stuff

    A very good idea and a very thoughtful present.

    Just got this through the post it was a thank you from JAYB FOR A NICE MORNING ON THE rOE BUCK. The gift was not necessary but gratefully accepted thank you mate and the Sauer magazine holder will be well used i don't like leaving loose bullet in my pockets.

    ps they are really well made.

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    Your welcome, they are nice aren't they, I got so excited I bought myself a set as well. I had a roebuck put on mine

    The place to look for them is HERE


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    That was a nice touch. and they look very very well made. i think i had a couple of bolt holder made buy the same person.

    thanks for the link JayB as I'm after a couple of things being made.can not go in to what just now lol


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    John i didn't get a roebuck on mine the lady must have thought me not worthy of such a nice animal lol.
    I have checked them out they are very well made and i think the magazine holder will replace a bullet pouch for most people no more fiddling about with one round at a time it will be old mag out and new mag in. The sling is a bit posh for me i am used to a bit of old canvas .The bit of black leather should go nicely with my thong i am having made.

    the old strap really doesn't do the rifle justice

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    i have several items made by jo,2 shotgun slips,rifle sling,bullet pouch and bolt holder all are exeptionel qaulity.i wouldn,t hesitate in recomending her work to anyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by topgun
    i have several items made by jo,2 shotgun slips,rifle sling,bullet pouch and bolt holder all are exeptionel qaulity.i wouldn,t hesitate in recomending her work to anyone
    Totaly agree TG
    had some items myself all personalised from Emma
    and looking at getting a few more items specially made just for me
    could not be more helpfull if she tried
    must not forget ash too

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    Quality leather work is hard to come by excellent trade there guys .

    Davie what have you done with the old sling ??

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    Its still on the rifle mate its going to get changed this week ps bob did you see the picture that's your old ranges decmount

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    The Roe buck looks very well done, I have a friend who makes knifes, he started doing leatherwork as he was so disapointed with some of the commercial stuff out there.
    I am always so humbled by craftsmen and women
    My dad before he retired was a Stone Mason, sadly his skills missed me and I have never been very good at doing anything arty, so those of us bumbling fat thumbed folk can really admire the skill & appreciate the effort that goes into making such items.
    We should support the few artisans we have left and when I can I always try to buy of local craftsmen.

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    legaleagle :Ive take people like yourself that say they've got two left hands and showed them just how easy it is to use tools ,to a more than satisfactory way .

    We all have a skill somewhere , the problem is getting young men and women to participate in a manual skill to keep these skills alive .

    You can only learn so much at Colleges, as you say Artisans are not easy to come by no one wants to pay for quality work these days, they would much rather by two or three things that are crap than buy one quality piece of equipment, at the end of the day it would have been cheaper to buy quality .Human nature at its best .

    Davie is that halfway in the back ground ? I only ever fired a pistol competition there, that was along time ago , this was one of many ranges that were in and around Glasgow ,do they still fire full bore there ? on what is left of the ranges .

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