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Thread: Whats damaged these trees ?

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    Whats damaged these trees ?

    Went for a little walk about one of my local pernissions on lunch today...just to get out the office and do a little recon for future shooting trips. I noticed that in one area of the woods some of the trees had some interesting damage to the bark ... Most of the damage was around the base of the trees, It was like the bark had been pulled off in little orange peel sized peices scattered all over the floor around, leaving whole areas bare to the wood... can anyone identify what animal has done this? Many thanks Tim
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    I've seen rabbits do this in the winter especially when there has been heavy snow but not seen it during the summer.

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    There are a lot of rabbits at this permisson so it is definetly possible... although there is an abundance of food there fore them this year already and this has only just appeared recently i guess as there is still fresh bark on the floor

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    The chips look a bit big for rabbits to me. generally when rabbits are barking trees they eat it and don't just bark for fun. I would think something bigger was involved.

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    as Alasdair said, rabbits will do this type of damage,but mainly in the winter. I've tried to zoom in on the pic, but it gets a bit grainy. The teeth marks do look very bunny like, although I wouldn't rule out hares either. Squirrels tend to tear strips off, similar to deer. What tree is it, it looks like a beech to me.Looking at the first photo you can see where the left side has been stripped before, then the little beastie has come back a few days later for the right hand side. I've seen it in the past where animals have dome this to lick the sap . Are there any sheep or cattle getting into the wood?, they will strip bark especially if they need salts. If you can't get a definate ID from the forum, stick up a trail cam and see what turns up .


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    any horses about there?

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    Its squirrels Little sods go mental for bark at this time of year. If you look around Ill bet you see similar damage further up

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    Thanks guys, no livestock around these parts. Its a small woods on the edge of a large wheat field. Lots of bunnies and squirells in there (sadly no deer i reckon) and the occasional horse being riden through on a footpath. Wish i did have a trail cam, its on my "to buy" list with a bucket load of other toys unfortunately

    I did also see this bit of damage a little further up on a nearby tree, but there didnt seem to be any bark chips on the floor there so i wasnt sure if it was the same thing or not ?
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    Place sand around the freshest activity about a metre square, that will give you you're culprit in no time.

    Good luck and let us know the outcome



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