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    I would just like to say a BIG thank you to Rob aka Legend, for a fantastic days fishing.
    Earlier in the week i received a phone call from Rob inviting me on a days shark fishing for Saturday to which i gracefully accepted, We met at his boat in Swansea marina (which i must say is an absolute credit to him)
    at 6:30am we were out of the marina on our way by 7:00am, we were warned it was going to be a long steam to the fishing ground and that gave us a good chance for a chat and a few cups of tea, we arrived at the fishing ground about 10:00am, Rob set us all up and bait was in the water by 11:00am, upon getting there the tide was running the wrong way but Rob said as soon as it turns the fish will start feeding.
    Whilst we were waiting for the shark rods to spring in to action Rob suggested we got some lite gear out and fish for some other species, he did not have to ask my 12 year old son twice he was out the door and hauling whiting aboard 3 at a time whilst Rob was cooking us all breakfast, by 12:00pm the tide had turned and as Rob told us this was the time the sharks would start to feed, he was bang on the nail, by 12:30pm the first rod screamed off and Jay one of the other lads fishing that day got himself kitted up and ready for the fight 20 mins later the young rugby player was complaining that his arms had never hurt so much as the shark was trying to pull them off next minute the second rod screamed off and it was my turn to have a go, we have now got two sharks on the go at the same time it took Jay about 40 mins to land his which was a very impressive weight of 188lb Blue shark as i was still in the middle of playing in mine the photos were taken and she was released unharmed, 10mins after i boated my fish which was another Blue shark of about 80lb this was also released ok.
    After all this exitement we got all the rods back in the water fishing and Rob pointed out it was time for tea so kettle was boiled and minted Lamb chops went in the pan, all went quiet for about an hour except for the hoards of whiting my son kept hauling on board then all of a sudden one of the shark rods screamed off again, this time it managed to drop the bait before we set the hook this happened again about half an hour later, third time lucky the one of the rods screamed off this time it was Lee's turn we got the hook set and away it went, it took about 60 - 70yds of line on his first run lee managed to boat the Shark about 20mins later it was another very good blue shark which tipped the scales at 127lb after all the exitement and photographs Rob was back on kitchen duty with more chops and tea, (by the way i challenge anyone to eat more than this man, the only time he stops eating it too take pictures of people and then he is straight back in to the pan ).
    We called it a day at about 4:00pm as we had a 4hr steam back to the marina.
    I would just like to say a Big thank you to Rob for taking me and my son out and getting me my first shark, it was a very fun filled and exiting day which was made even better by good company and a very comfortable well kitted out boat. if anyone is thinking of doing a bit of fishing whatever the type i would recommend giving Rob a ring, have a look at his website.

    Thanks again, you will definetly see me back on board soon!!

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    Wow guys what an amazing experience..

    And some great pickies for the album



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    Hi Trevor looks like you and your son had a great day out .Some nice pics and a great right up.


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    That is one awesome days fishing and great fish as well !

    Really glad you guys respected the ocean and returned all fish back from where they came from unharmed (apart from their pride of course)!

    I will definitely be looking at the site and booking a charter in the near future.

    Well done Legend.


    PS If anyone can get you on a Red, Trev can....He got me my 1st !

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    Well, that is certainly something a bit different, looks as if you had a day to remember there.


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    thats the good thing about this site i have meet some great people at no cost to each other (ITS NOT ALL ABOUT MONEY )


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    The shark fishing off the SW Welsh coast is now the best in the UK if not Europe in terms of the size of the fish. There have been blues close to or over the 50 year old UK record but the good news is that the record is unclaimed because they've gone back in.

    Swansea Bay is also home to good porbeagle shark fishing a lot closer to home than the blues that tend to be further out in the Western Approaches.

    Congratulations to all on a good day and doing the right thing.

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    Thanks for sharing that with us Trevor,great write up and some terific pictures a day your lad wont forget in a long time.
    I was invited on a similar deal in Portugal some 15 years ago by a close friend took my 2 eldest boys along they still talk about it today both also caught lovely shark specimens 1 a blue the other a Mako almost 10 feet long took 3 of us to land it but both were returned to the water unharmed.

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