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Thread: Heads up.......Poundland

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    Heads up.......Poundland

    Wandered into Poundland the other day. I was surprised to discover that they sold for a quid :

    - 1 emergency basha type shelter
    - 2 emergency foil blankets
    - paracord

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    I have bought paracord there for a long time, but I never knew if the foil blankets were worth the risk, I know its foil and its a blanket, but chances are when you need it you don't want to suddenly regretting the fact it was from the poundshop by realising it was made for a dwarf, or worse still is foil coloured rice paper!

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    for a quid buy it and try it!

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    I'm not allowed in there!
    Apparently continually asking how much stuff is wears thin after a while!

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    I used to do the same thing Perdix! Then follow on as per this video, best bit comes in at 43 seconds!

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    Oh the temptation!

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    i bought the foil blankets years ago from pound land ther defo big enough . had mine for years and slill in great nick......

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    A while back I picked up some compressed jay cloths - squeezed down to about the size of a communion wafer in a plastic wrapper - very useful for keeping in the bag/pocket to clean things up with.

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