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Thread: Hungarian Viszla

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    Hungarian Viszla

    A stalking friend of mine is looking for a specialist deer dog and purely on their looks, he's taken a real liking Hungarian Vizsla's and asked my opinion; I told him its a breed I have never encountered in the field so didn't have a valid opinion but I told him I'd know where to find the answer.........enter Stalking Directory!!!

    Do any SD members use Vizsla's mainly for stalking? How do you find them as a breed, pro's and con's etc.



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    I've had 4 smooth viz. I've still got 2 that I used for pointing and retrieving for gun and hawk , they are a fantastic breed who are very eager to please and will train easily , I am sure if taught to track deer blood etc they would do it without any problem

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    I have two HWV,s one that is amazing on deer will do everything I want of a deer dog. Lets me know when deer are in front of me, tracks when needed, sits loose and quiet under a high seat,never knowingly lost a deer yet in 6 years.
    Is the most enjoyable stalking companion you could have .
    I would recomend an HWV every time.Wf1

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    I have a young hwv he coming along nicely.the first one i have had would i have another yes .always had labs before

    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

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    I have a gsp but if I had the need for a second dog I would get a hwv without any hesitation

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    I looked into one several years ago, i think they are more eager to please than a GWP but at 900 pounds might as well get 2 GWP for the price of one HWV
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    Having liked the breed for a number of years and as my stalking/shooting is ever expanding, I decided it was a good time to get me a deer dog.
    I researched the breed by contacting owners, breeders and also asking opinions on this forum too and for my type of shooting, the WHV fitted the bill.
    I then visited Roy Bebbington’s Gonegos crew in N Yorkshire and that really sealed the deal for me regarding choosing a WHV.
    I was on Roy’s list this year for a pup, but there were a good few before me and they all wanted to proceed which meant I missed out, however, I am now picking up a new pup sired by one of his dogs from a different kennel in two weeks time.
    Having spoken to a few stalkers (recreational and professional) working the WHV, they all recommend the breed as suitable for my type of stalking.
    As a novice deer dog trainer, they were recommended as being slightly easier to train than the widely respected GWP’s. Whether this turns out to be the case is a different matter but I look forward to the challenge and the learning curve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trufflehunting View Post
    I looked into one several years ago, i think they are more eager to please than a GWP but at 900 pounds might as well get 2 GWP for the price of one HWV
    They may be £900 a pop but believe me you will never regret it.My litter last year went for £800 each but the next will be the+ £100 and they will still go. Best breed in the world but you could say I am a lttle biased.

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    What are they like as picking up dogs on a driven day? I have seen quite a few breeds picking up and out of the lot id say a lab is the best, but i have never seen a hungarian vizla on a driven day? thoughts.?


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    hv and whv very different types of dog from the ones iv seen. wires seem abit more clued up to me. choose wisely

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