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Thread: Pro Hunter stock flex fixes

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    Pro Hunter stock flex fixes

    Has anyone done or had done a fix for the Pro hunter stock front end clearance and flex issues ??? have had the rifle for a few years now and really like it, but still have the little niggle about the stock touching the barrel particularly with the harris bipod when following a deer. Considering having a stock made but very expensive and looking for a proven alternative if its possible.

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    MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer - Terminal Ballistic Research

    Postage might be expensive but seems to get good reviews. worth a look.
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    Been lots of threads lately chap fusion stock works are in the process of making a wooden stock for the MK II pro hunter .

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    I sold mine and bought another german rifle
    Problem solved
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trufflehunting View Post
    I sold mine and bought another german rifle
    Problem solved
    Yep I sold mine and bought a SAKO A7

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    Do we have to have another steyr slagging thread PLEASEEEEEEE it is so tiring !
    ​Thanks Norma
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    Or the flexing with the T3 plastic stock and the breaking forends on the A7 plastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trufflehunting View Post
    I sold mine and bought...
    ..the Remington in my Gallery. Regards JCS

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    Friend of mine brought his stock into work. Miles out a 5 mm rounded groove then epoxied a 4mm piece of stainless steel into it. Covers it in epoxy resin and sanded smooth, not there is next to no files atall!

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    There was a thread on this here recently. I strengthened my 3006 and it is awesome now. It was a simple fix, i just abraded the plastic inside the stock, and filled it with chemical metal, a tube and a half did it. I then opened up the barrel channel slightly, so it never touched and that was it, probably an afternoon pottering about with sand paper and a file did it. It groups really well and i am really happy with it. I had the same issue off the bipod, but now i can put pressure on it off the bipod and it cannot touch the stock - all good and fixed for about £12

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