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Thread: a couple of questions, tips or advise

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    a couple of questions, tips or advise

    i'm doing the dsc1 in a couple of weeks and have been out practicing for the shooting test, ive got prone sussed but some advise on shooting of sticks both standing and kneeling would be helpful, also how many shots can i put through my rifle in a given time before i risk damaging it, .243

    cheers mike

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    For my shooting test I used a Polecat tripod rather than the bipod. You are a lot steadier and so have more confidence. Since it is adjustable I screwed it in so I could shoot seated with it as well.
    There are other makes that will do the same. You are allowed to use any assistance that you would use while out stalking and I use my Polecat.

    For accuracy I never shoot more than 3 shots before allowing the barrel to cool down but I think you could shoot a lot more without affecting the barrel. Some of the more experienced shooters will be able to tell you more.

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    When shooting off sticks you will have to accept the reticle will wobbly over the target, don't try and get it dead still then pull the trigger because there will be a good chance you will snatch at it and drag the shot low.

    Hover the reticle over the target, accept the woobly and gently take the pressure up on the tip/flat of your finger untill the rifle goes bang ( it should take you by surprise).

    Works for me, hope it helps


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    The tripods are a great idea. For the sitting/kneeling shot make sure you are stable and not relying on muscle power to hold your position (ie sit crosslegged or similar). Standing, make sure you take a wideish stance and then I would advise that you lean into the sticks, taking the weight with your left hand (if right handed). In this way you make yourself and the sticks a tripod. I also hold the rifle strap in my left hand to secure the fore end into the sticks. I know this all sounds complicated but basically by leaning into the sticks you are inherently steady and by securing the gun you can just use te right hand to aim.

    sorry, blathering on

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    The most comon mistake I see with people shooting off sticks is having them to low or opened out so far that they have to lean right over to get down on the rifle it's uncomfy and plays hell with your breathing.
    You will never be perfectly still but try and put all your wobbles in one direction (I mount under the target then pass the cross hair through the target then squeze the shot off as the sight picture looks right)
    Practice really makes perfect, practice in your house but it's important to pick something to aim at before you mount the rifle rather than mount the rifle and look through the scope for something to aim at as this won't help you get your stance right.
    Good luck

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