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Thread: Gamebird broods

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    Gamebird broods

    Any of you chaps seen any wild broods yet?
    Seems the pigeons and corvids are dong well as always but I haven't heard of any gamebirds as yet

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    The closest I saw was during last week while out stalking. I came across two places where a pheasant had nested but the eggs were predated and the shells scattered in the vicinity.
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    not yet and not holding breadth but i have got a loverly brood of buzzards doing well
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    Yes, our keeper counted 10 chicks with a hen pheasant last week. We stopped collecting eggs last week but there are plenty of eggs still around so may see some more. Lots of predation though.

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    I've seen four separate wild broods of pheasants on mine the largest was eleven and the smallest four they were rangein from four weeks old to a couple of days old. I've not seen any partridges yet though.

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    I saw a brood by the side of the road in Wall near Hexham when on hols about two weeks ago but nothing at home yet

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    Not seen any pheasant or partridge broods yet , there are some grouse hatched but think there may be some late broods especially on the higher ground where there is still some snow hanging about.

    Good hatches of mallard early on here but they have not faired well, a lot left with only one or two youngsters if any .

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    There are numerous wild pheasant chicks around down here.

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    Hmmmm,I'm thinking the greys may struggle this year unfortunately

    Sounds like Devon has had the best of the weather at the right times PaddySP!
    Thanks for the replies folks

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    Quote Originally Posted by perdix View Post
    Sounds like Devon has had the best of the weather at the right times PaddySP!
    'Tis lovely down here at the mo!

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