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Thread: The Other Half

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    The Other Half

    Hi All,
    I have just been over to see a friend off this website and I met his charming 'other half' for the first time. She expressed her feelings on his strange fascination for this site. "First thing in the morning, last thing at night, always on that bloody site!"
    My wife is on the site as Tikka-ess and often sits and reads the threads with me. She especially enjoys the banter between us all. So I wondered how do your respective other halfs view the site and our slave like obession to it?

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    I don't quite know why but I always feel it's a bit like a 'dirty little secret'!

    She's a little nervous of the virtual world so I tend not to discuss it with her.

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    Never tell them everything my other half does not hunt, shoot or fish. I am a batchelor hunter in my family, although one of my grandsons is interested in firearms (bought him a 9mm garden gun, still like new) good for training them whilst their young.

    Her indoors dosnt even know how many Fire arms I have anyway, and its more than one for every day of the week She certainly has no interest in this site, dosnt even know it exsists.

    As the old saying goes, keep em well fed, poorly shod, and well ----- er whatever and they will never leave you.

    Wedding cake, poisonus stuff

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    i think the wife is 'happy' when im on here, at least she knows where i am!!
    at the end of the day there are worst sites i could be visiting on the web, you know the sites, the ones where credit cards are required for i have been told!! ..

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    of course pete e!! why are there any other sites where credit cards are required??

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    Duggers you know full well what sites require credit cards! Speaking of which can you please get in touch with WWW. Bangkokladyboys .com as your membership has expired! I'll catch up with you on WWW. wetsplashyandwild .com, I notice you have over one thousand posts on that well done!

    PS I just checked, these are real sites! Don't look at them okay! Yeah right I bet you have a look!

    PPS Look this post is number 666 the number of the beast! Lets rock!

  8. #8 god, what type of deer are they??......they have trunks!!

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    Thats another young stalker lost his eye sight then

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