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Thread: Norfolk Meeting

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    Norfolk Meeting

    Hi has anyone thought about meeting up again some time in Norfolk for a Beer, I have not heard from, or seen Lee on here lately ? He sorted the last meeting at the Angel.

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    Anyone? To far for me but.......................

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    i'm up for it, im in pulham market, near diss


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    Well Mike
    That went down well ?
    But I do know 2 other people that would come, if you are still up for it, and if we set a date some others might make it.

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    im still about , just been too busy , working night and day at the moment , its a bit of a bugger but it keeps the wolf from the door ! lol im up for it , name a time and a place and ill be there

    cheers lee

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    Hello Lee
    Its good to hear from you again, I can make most eve this week from Fri or next week, is the Angel at Larling ok again ?

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    the angel is good for me , not about till next week , still trying to catch up with the bloody red spikers ! there laedind me a right merry dance . chose a night nrext week and ill arange stalking acordingly , so to make sure im not draging a spiker to my larder lol !

    cheers lee

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    Hi Lee
    I thought about meeting on next Thur, at the Angel in Larling would this be ok with you ? and anyone else who would like to meet for a beer
    Hope to see you there.

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    do well see you there ! what time ?

    ceers lee

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    we shall be there for 8 see you then mate.
    and anyone else who would like to come along.

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