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Thread: 3 legged Munty

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    3 legged Munty

    I was out doing a bit of bunny bashing last Wed and a 3 legged Munty mooched across the paddock. The rear leg was missing just below the 'knee' joint (if that's the right term?!)

    He was in decent condition and moved around ok. I don't have the stalking on this ground, but if you came across a similar animal on your ground am I right to assume it's a nailed on cull animal? Would it be the same situation with all the deer species?

    Not the best pic but you can just make out the missing limb!

    It's RSPB land which we are really lucky to shoot rabbits on and am waiting to hear what their policy is if I come across other injured animals,

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    Probably yes, but if the animal appears otherwise healthy - shiny coat, bright eyed, alert, good layer of body fat etc don't be in too much of a hurry to squeeze especially if a doe with young. I had a doe for a number of years that had got caught in a fence by its hind leg, but was released by a dog walker. The back leg was clearly broken when I saw her a few days later but no rifle to hand. I didn't see her around, but the following spring there she was with twins following her, looking fit and healthy save for a limping back leg. And there she was again the following year.

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    On a shoot I was beating on 3years ago a muntjac doe was put up it ran into a post it broke it front right leg, all you could hear was someone shoot the deer no one had a clear shot (lucky for deer) I stalk this ground and I've seen this doe each year with youngsters in tow. It just proves how deer can adapt to severe problems Bazil

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