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Thread: Please help sponsoring Tina and helen

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    Please help sponsoring Tina and helen


    lads and lasses need your help please

    On Friday 21st June Tina my partner(in the red dress) and her friend Helen will be doing a sponsored walk, they will be walking 10ms along Bournemouth beach in FLIP FLOPS!!!!!!

    This is a charity that means a lot to us

    if you have a few pennys spare and can, could you please sponsor them
    link below

    Helen Littell is fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care

    With Thanks Mark

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    Done...recent events bring home the need for these people to be suported
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Thanks very much

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    To the first person on SD who donates over 60 for Tina and Helen putting SD and their username in the messages section of their just giving page ill take them out on a pm stalk for a Roe Doe later in the year at a mutually convenient time...

    Mark... youll need to pm me who it is if its taken up please.

    The lady's will be walking past my beach hut so ill give them a cup of tea and a plaster

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    That is a very kind offer
    Thanks Mark

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    Donation made
    A great cause close to my heart

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    small donation made

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewT059 View Post
    small donation made
    Thanks all the small donations make a big 1 in the end
    BIG thanks Mark

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