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Thread: Deben locators

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    Deben locators

    Hi gents
    ive been offered an old style 15ft ferret locator and have been told this will work with the terrier collars , is that correct?

    Many thanks jim

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    Yes i believe so from memory

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    the old style box works with the old collars and the new collars mate, the new collars give a slower knock on the box but still work the same, so yes it will work with whatever Deben collar you have.

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    fantastic thanks for replies gents i assume the 8ft ferret colllars will work fine with the 15ft set just only down to a depth of 8 feet?

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    it will work , any trouble with the old gear you want to google Mick Dadd , he will fix it Deben wont

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    Yes jim, iv never used a 15 foot box with 8 foot collar but iv used a 8 foot box with 15 foot collar, if I'm using the 8 foot box and 15 foot collar I normally just double what depth it tells me and its about right, you'll need to have a wee mess about with it and work it out so you know roughly how deep your going but you'll get used to it, they ain't spot on anyway.

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    Thanks gents much appreciated

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    I just realized that I know mick lol I've actually been ferreting with him a few times , does anybody know if he makes ferret locator collars ?

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    Got hold of him cheers gents

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    I've just got hold of a deben mk 1 terrier collar and I'd like yo know what batteries to use in it? The batteries I use in my ferret collars won't work ...

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