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Thread: minimum seating depth

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    minimum seating depth

    Hi All,

    What do you consider the minimum that a bullet should be seated into a case?
    i use 129gn Hornady SSTs in 6.5x55 and they have a cannelure on them, even with a shorter COL than i'd normally use they look like they are only just in the case and the cannelure is about 10mm from the mouth of the case. Ideally i'd like to get them out a bit nearer the lands. I will try and get some more accurate measurements and give details but what is the formula for this?


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    A good rule of thumb is to seat the calibre depth into the case ie. if you have a 308 seat 308 inches into the case.

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    Don't worry about the lands. A firmer grip on the neck (a more uniform pull weight) will do more for accuracy than getting close to the lands in most rifles. JMHO ~Muir

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    I have a 6.5x55 and have just switched back to 129sst's. The gun is a Sako (replacing a Tikka of same calibre) and I copied the COL from an old load which worked a treat in the Tikka. Accuracy was poor so I tried a few permutations by tweaking powder load ...again no consistancy.I then seated the bullets right down to the cannerlure and "hey presto" instant accuracy! So I go with Muir on this one and would suggest you don't worry too much about getting close to the lands.

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    I've had a look at the seating depth/distance to the lands on my rifle (Tikka 695) and if i was to try and get the SST's anywhere near the lands i'd end up with about 3mm of bullet in the case (plus the boat tail) if i seat up to the cannelure i reckon i'll have about an 8mm jump to the lands.
    I'm having a day at the range in the next week or so, so i can mess about properly and see what works best.
    It shoots 120 Noslers like a dream but i couldn't get hold of any around here so i panick bought 400 sst's, so they will have to work.

    Thank's for the advice, Ezzy

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