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Thread: Am i wasting my time

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    Am i wasting my time

    After one of my land owners who is also a contractor mentioned about fawns going through his cutters I have spent the last weeks evenings working my gwp through his fields before he cuts them.I have moved two fawns to the hedgeline and flushed many pheasants some of which were sitting, so far he has had no casualties while cutting and I can go to bed knowing Ive tried.My question is will the does return to their young as I have made every effort not to leave my scent on them or am I making live easier for the many foxes that appear as the grass is cut.

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    Hi There you're not wasting your time this is quite common practice in the Netherlands and in Germany they also move them by hand with cut grass underneath the fawns so as not to leave a scent

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    you are doing a fine job not onlyare you doing deer management ie saveing next years stock from the blades ,your doing a sevice to your farmer and cutting his cost down in damage cutters well done let alone the distress of a wounded fawn.

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    Hope the bunny huggers read this post! It proves stalkers DO care and do respect their quarry!

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    Not at all bud, I give my mate a hand and try and do it at each cut of silage. A lot of farmers / contractors will cut the field in such a way to minimise accidents, but there's no substitute for walking the fields pre cut. It's also a good way of showing your commitment to the landowner or offering the service to any potential ones...

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    Definitely worth it, its something I used to do regularly when I had ground with silage/standing crops. Its stuff like this which proves that 'shooters' are not just "killers", "murderers" etc like we are depicted in the media!!! Well done!

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    good effort Sir. nice one !

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    Good job, well done!
    We do it on huge amounts of acres, its well worth the effort, especially when you see killed little ones on the next ground.... We do get support by school classes and kindergardens, Its almost an event, takes kids out, shows nature from the basics and gets people involved!
    As said before, thats also part of stalking, game management, whatever....

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Its worth the effort, even if you save one.

    Last 2 weekends they started cutting and we could not investigate all our meadows and move the roekids. Turns out they cutted 5 roekids in the end. One of them was still alive, they cut its hindlegs off. The doe was still standing next to her two kids, one dead, the other with her legs cut off. We stabbed the roekid as it had no future. It made all our eyes water, funny how grown men can cry when these sort of things happen.

    I even think that in Germany you can make a policecomplaint against the farmer for malpractice. (probably Micheal knows best)

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