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Thread: Used Steyr .308 Prohunter/Scout/Elite etc Wanted

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    Used Steyr .308 Prohunter/Scout/Elite etc Wanted

    Hello everyone!
    My .308 variation has just been sent off so I'll be in the market for a new addition in a couple of months time.

    I'm looking for a Steyr .308 with Synthetic stock so either Prohunter, Pro Varmint, a Scout, an Elite or even an SSG04.
    Would like something with plenty of life left in it but doesn't have to be showroom on the outside.

    Wouldn't really consider another make as I love Steyr's too much!

    Thanks for looking, let me know what you've got.

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    i have a mint pro hunter with a T8 sound mod
    give me a shout if youd like some pics.


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    I am also looking for a Steyr Mannlicher .308. Preferably 1/2 stock Classic. Could have a look at your pics too please?

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