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Thread: scope mounts for a sako forestor

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    scope mounts for a sako forestor

    hi there, looking for a scope mount to fit an sako forestor 579, the front rail is wider then the back
    many thanks

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    I'd be inclined to think about SAKO Optilock mounts: either the separate bases to which one can fit various hights of ring, or the plain one-piece front and rear ring-mounts.

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    great thanks, wheres the cheapest place to buy them from

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    I've got some short action bases (blued) currently for sale.
    See here for spec:
    I've also got some 1" blued rings if you are using a 1" scope? They will do a x 50 objective.
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    thanks ms, they got to fit a 1'' tube and 56mm lens
    thanks anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon1979 View Post
    thanks ms, they got to fit a 1'' tube and 56mm lens
    thanks anyway
    They should fit ok mate if you have a normal profile barrel?
    See here:

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