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Thread: 240 Weatherby Magnum

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    240 Weatherby Magnum

    Hi All

    Does anyone on the forum own one ? and what are your views and opinions as all the info I can find is US based. I just want honest opinions from anyone on here that has first hand experience of this calibre.


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    I owned one quite a few years ago. It was an extremely accurate rig, but a bit expensive to feed, and unfortunately that hasn't changed. I used it exclusively on coyotes, which it worked very well for, but never used it on any deer. I used it for one season and traded it off for something I cant remember.

    It is a flat shooting round, but to be honest there are other rounds that are easier to get and just as capable ( and a lot cheaper ) That and the fact I'm not a big weatherby Mrk V fan, though I do like the vangaurd as a reliable, reasonably priced hunting rig. If you've got your heart set on one, give it a try, but it isn't going to do anything that much better than a number of easier to aquire ( and feed ) rifle and cartridge combinations IMHO


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    Thanks for that info much appreciated. I have a variation to acquire a 25 06 but know where there is a 240 W Mag really cheap. I am leaning towards to the 25 06 but just wanted to know if that calibre is any better etc..

    Thanks Again


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    Great round.
    If I was only hunting fallow or chital, I might choose this over a 270 win.
    I'm not a MK V fan either & have all my WBY's built on Mod 70's, mausers or rugers.

    Cheers Sharkey

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    Hi! is it the Weatherby rifle, "Made in Germany" with a period Weatherby 'scope on it? One sold here in UK at Gavin Gardiner's very last auction at Olympia before his sales "re-located" to Bond Street.

    Not many know that the 240 WM is, in fact, the 240 Holland & Holland Nitro Expess or 240 "Apex" blown out to Weatherby type dimensions. So it will do ALL that the old 240 H & H "Apex" will do and more. Which, in truth, is basically what modern loadings with slow powders and a long enough barrel achieve in the 243 Winchester or 6mm Remington.

    So the bottom line is that if you like 243 Winchester or 6mm Remington then you have a rifle that will do all that. At a cost of Weatherby cases and etc.. But if you like 243 Wincgster or 6mm Remington then why not just get one of those anyway.

    I'd ONLY buy it if it were totally ALL ORIGINAL with a matching Weatherby 'scope and was cheap. AND HAD AN EXCELLENT BORE. The one that Gavin Gardiner didn't sell struggled to make more than about 240 in bids on the sale day (about four years ago) and was not sold.

    And, yes, with a 100 grain weight bullet the 240 WM will far exceed anything that the 25-06 can do with a 100 grain bullet.
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    I agree with most of this, but the .240 Wby was actually a separate development by Weatherby to come up with a 6mm Magnum using the .30-06 case & rim size, so there are differences in their dimensions.

    Most shooters have never seen the old British 6mm cartridges so here's a (very poor) pic. of what we're discussing. From the left - (1) .243 Win (2) .240 H&H Nitro Express (.240 Apex) (3) .244 H&H Belted Rimless Magnum (4) .375 H&H Magnum - which is the parent case for (3).

    The point is that the factory ballistics for a .240 Wby in 100gr is 3395 fps based on a 26" barrel. The blast, recoil, and barrel wear matches the extra performance.

    The .25-06 in 100gr can make 3300 fps from a shorter 22" barrel, so isn't far shy of the 240 Wby..... and the cases aren't 2 each as with the Weatherby.

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    The rifle is a Weatherby Mk v and the bore would need to be checked etc. I do already own a 243 so it really was a case of finding out if the Mag case was a better performer than the 25 06. I take on board however the drawbacks of the Weatherby in regard of reloading costs etc and barrel wear so I think it looks like I might give it a miss and go for a new set up in 25 06.


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