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Thread: 10 year old dies in airgun incident

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    10 year old dies in airgun incident

    Get ready for the back lash, two boys with an air rifle one 10 years old, the other a 12 year old, the ten year old has died from the incident very little about what happened other than not being treated as suspicious by police.

    I seem to recall that anyone under 15 or 16 shouldn't be alone with an airgun these days?
    I feel very sorry for the loss of any child, but my old man certainly never let us go out at that age unsupervised, when will people ever learn

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    Very sad indeed.
    How many parents know what their children are up to outside of school hours.
    No doubt the licensing thing will raise its head again.

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    Discussion on radio 2 today ref this and other incidents

    Totally devastating for all family members..

    Sadly there was every tom dick and harry phoning in with various tales of being shot or shooting others in their childhood..

    Promptly leading on to the why arent they banned discussion and the what use are they and what are they used for anyway..

    You can see where this will go


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    A very sad incident indeed as quite rightly said why was he unsupervised with any weapon, at so young an age .

    This again give the current shower of **** ammunition for there election agenda ,which in turn will give all firearms holders cause for concern on what stipulations will be procured from this sad death of a child .

    Sadly I'll bring this into another subject heading, just how many children lost there lives to motor vehicle accidents on the same day ,which we don't read about , which the public will not shout about the government won't implement anything against such accidents do we class these as acceptable .

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    Widows Son

    Good post mate


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