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Thread: House attacks - Please read

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    House attacks - Please read

    Dear All,

    I have today received a pm from one of our members relating to a burglary at his house recently, and he wanted a warning passed on to us all.

    During this burglary the front door was burst in, sledge hammered, and the house completely ransacked. During the ransacking they found what they were after, the keys to the gun safe. Having found these they took a number of shotguns and a C/F rifle, plus ammunition and cash. They left another rifle as the bolt for it was in another safe which they did not get into. They know what they are doing, they knew the rifle was no good without the bolt, so they left it and just took the ammunition for it. This all happened within a forty minute time frame that the house was left unattended.

    The Police told our unfortunate friend, that this type of crime is on the increase, and that the house must have been under surveillance for sometime, even though this would have been difficult given it is a rural location.

    It seems that the criminal fraternity are targeting houses where the owners have high value weapons.

    You have been warned, be vigilant, be aware of strangers, strange vehicles, it looks as if you can trust no one.

    We can only hope that these types soon get caught.


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    That's worrying JAYB...wasn't in the Highlands I hope?

    Might be a good time to mention using real names on the internet and publishing photo's of rifles?

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    John, just as a matter of interest was the house alarmed? many forces are insisting that a burglar alarm is fitted to the property.


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    Malc, don't know about the alarm but given it's location I do not think that anyone would have heard it.


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    Thanks for the warning, worrying indeed.

    I appreciate you can't give an address, but can you give an indication of which part of the country this was in (even roughly)?


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    Sorry to hear about that John, would like to pass on our best wishes to the guy who has been broke into very distressing when this type of scum strike, particularly unnerving to think that it's either someone who knows you or has been watching you.
    Either way not good, it has made us think as we are quite secluded here and we may well have to rethink our security in the light this type of incident.
    One of the big things is complacency, and always be vigilant as JayB says.

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    I always have a list & description of vehicles & numbers etc, plus we run a recording camera, sounds a bit extreme & busybodying, but you have to do your bit, It's a bit like watching over a release pen! 8)

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    rural crime

    Things are getting worse. sorry to hear about that. A farm i shoot up here in the north east had its doors kicked in the other week and the farmer was only in the field out the back of the house. it was a smash and grab by travelers the police said, but still scary at how easy it is for them... bas*úds

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    Sadly it seems everything including the house needs alarming,tying down and guarding with an SLR these days..

    No messing with an SLR

    The experience of an old neighbour/ family friend has seen her unable to come to terms with their burglary..

    The force stipulation in Dorset (which from recent topics will vary hugely) is that firearms inc SG entries numbering six and above the house has to be alarmed..


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    Hi Guys

    What area of the u/k and have any other members had or heard of similar events and what areas ?

    Could the BxxxxxxS be gleaning info from this or other sites?

    Security of information is a big issue here.

    Can admin supply some relative info please



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