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Thread: Ageing fox cubs

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    Ageing fox cubs


    I am intresting to get some idea of how to age fox cubs to get some idea of the breeding times this year. Is there any books with good details.

    Currently this month ( LATE MAY) I have seen cubs almost identical in size to a vixen (I shot the vixen) and the cubs were alongside.

    We had one in a larsen trap the size of a small cat and I have shot one about the size of a adult rabbit.

    Any ideas to the likely ages of the above.


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    usually able to age dogs (and other mammals) by teeth growth. I.e the number and size of the teeth that have come through, been lost etc etc

    very accurate in most cases assuming someone did the research in the first place

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    When fox cubs are born they are completely dependent upon their mother for food and warmth. They are deaf and blind, weigh about 100 grammes, are 10 centimetres long and have short black fur. For the first couple of weeks the mother rarely leaves them and depends on the male and probably other foxes for food. At this point, the cubs' eyes start to open and they can start exploring their den.1-2 month old fox cub

    At about four weeks of age, the cubs venture outside but remain very close to the den. They are beginning to moult into a more familiarreddish colour. A couple of weeks later the moult is completed, they are covered in reddish/orange fur and their faces have a more vulpine shape: the ears and the snout grow longer.
    At this stage, cubs are very active, playing for long periods chasing each other or chewing a variety of objects that they find. This is the time when most of the complaints about urban foxes occur as vegetables and plants get flattened or chewed.

    When 12 weeks old, the cubs start following the adults more and probably learn where to find food as now they will start foraging for themselves. Many cubs die at this age. By the time they are 16-18 weeks the cubs are able to find food independently from the adults but their movements are still restricted, only covering part of their range. Even by the time they disperse, they are not yet covering the full natal range.
    At six months they are hard to tell from the adults and by the age of 10 months they are fully grown and able to breed

    Taken from an anti-web page but its sort of how I used to age them

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