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Thread: FAC in 4 weeks

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    FAC in 4 weeks

    Got my FAC in on Saturday after sending it away 4 weeks ago which talking to a few guys i've been going out hunting with is pretty quick for police Scotland. Got myself a .243 left hand Browning X-bolt with zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 and a ASE jet Z mod. looking forwrd to doing my DMQ 1 in July with Trossachs deer management, then getting a bit of ground to shoot on. I'm using 80gr Winchester super x which is grouping well but went i tried 100gr they were all over the place is this common?

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    Been using 100gr & 95gr for a few years and was never really happy with the grouping from my Sako .243, all different brands, Federal, Sako & Remington to name a few, a local gun shop has just recently opened and he's stocking Winchester, got some 80gr Super X to try and was gobsmacked at how tight the groups are, easily sub inch groups at 100yds, even keyholed a couple at 150yds, needless to say I went and bought another couple of boxes from the same batch..



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